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spring in Kentucky

There are few places I would rather be than in Kentucky in spring time. While it's hard for me to get around, I can enjoy this beautiful weather we're having. I did have an opportunity to take some pictures over the past two weekends of the dogwoods and goldenrod blooming all over the place before I broke my leg. Quite a few of you who read my journal are from Kentucky, so these photos are pale comparisons to the majesty that's around us every day. Stop reading this and get outside!

But for the rest of you.... here's what you're missing.

I took this photo out at Jacobson Park two weekends ago.

These next few pictures I took this past wekeend on the south end of town along Man O' War. This first one I liked because the white dogwood looks like it's peeking over the fence at the dandelions growing in the grass.

The is along Man O' War near Harrodsburg Rd. The dogwoods are planted along the sidewalk between the roadway and the fenced yards of the subdivision.

Across the road, goldenrod grows along the fence row.

Somre more, random pictures of dogwood trees:

In the background of the following picture is a red dogwood. Anyone else ever noticed how they never seem to be as abundnant or hearty are the white dogwoods? For some reason, they're always so small and scrawny. The last house I shared with my ex-wife has a dogwood in the side yard that had a red dogwood branch grafted onto a white dogwood. It was a neat tree. It had been pruned so that the tree was primarily made of one fork, one white and one red. Maybe next week when I go in for my doctor's appointment I can find an excuse to go by there and take a picture of that tree.

We'll get to enjoy the blooms on the dogwoods for another week or so then they'll be gone. One more dogwood picture :)

Of course, in late May and early June, the locust trees will begin to bloom, which isn't as pretty but the smell is so wonderful. The part of the state my parents live in where I will be holed up for all this time is FULL of locust trees. The air is so fragrant for about a week and a half, then one windy day it will look like it's snowing when all the blooms blow off the trees. I can hardly wait.


For those of you who have never been to Lexington, we have a castle.

It sits on Versailles Rd right just past the county line. I don't know when it was built, but it's been there for as long as I can remember. There are scores of urban legens and stories surrounding it about why it was built and who's owned it in the past. All I know is that for my entire life it has sat there on the top of that hill behind huge, wrought iron gates with a small road leading up to it's wooden doors. Last weekend, while om my way to Lexington to visit with sparklymegz I was driving by and saw this:

Yeah. A guy standing outside the open gates dressed in a red cape, helmet and a spear; kinda like a Roman centurian. I went on down the highway and turned around. I parked along side of the road and went up to the "soldier", who turned out to be some kid in his late teens/early twenties with headphones creeping out from underneath the collar of his shirt. I asked him if the castle was open to the public and he informed me that it was not. I asked him why he was here and he told me he was paid to keep people out while the gates were open.

Hmmmph. For 30 years I've always wondered what it's like inside the castle and I thought this might just be my opportunity to find out. Alas, t'was not to be. As I was standing there talking to the kid the doors of the castle openend and a car drove down the lane toward us. I was now uninterested by the whole situation since I couldn't go inside, so I didn't bother to hang around much longer. You can see the car just approaching the gates in the first picture and parked in the grass behind the fence in the latter.

Maybe getting inside that castle, preferably legally, should become my new goal in life. You know, whoever owns it... if they took one day, just one day and publicized that the castle was open to the public at $10/head... they'd make a killing I bet.

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