It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

things that make ya go grrrr!

My trip to Virginia was cool. The guys sounded great, despite the fact that some of them hadn't played in 30 years. But it's about the only thing that's been going right....

For instance, this afternoon I had a doctor's appointment in Lexington at 4pm. It's a good 45-60 minute drive to town from my parent's house. They called me on my cell phone just as I was passing the airport on Man O' War to tell me that they had to reschedule my appointment because the doctor had an emergency. Now I have to be back in town tomorrow morning (this morning, sheesh it's 2am) at 9am.

On top of that, tonight I decided to get a shower, which is quite an ordeal with a bandaged leg as you may imagine. Couple this with the fact that my parent's only full bathroom is on the second floor. Well, I made it up there then realized I had meant to get a soda to drink while showering, so I headed back downstairs to the kitchen to get myself one. (Keep in mind I'm on crutches with a broken leg, now). I'm hopping down the stairs and somehow managed to catch my big toe on my good foot on a step and bend it down and underneath the foot. Of course, I was in the process of a hop/step so I came down on it with all my weight and I heard this SNAP.

I hope it was just the joint popping. Bleeding ensued around the nail, which I will probably lose in the coming days/weeks. It's still bleeding actually. To add insult to injury, I can't find any bandages anywhere in the house. I'm getting ready to wrap the toe up in a paper towel and wash cloth to get me through the night. I don't think I broke it, but I guess since I'm going to be at an orthopedist's office anyway, it might not hurt to have him take a look at it. *sigh*

What else can I gripe about? Oh yeah, for some reason I can't send any outgoing e-mail through my domain. I can RECEIVE mail, but not send it. I sent a support request to the company who hosts my web space, and they basically said, well if it doesn't work, try using your ISP's outoging SMTP server. How's that service? I'm not incredibly upset about it yet, 'cos actually I think it has nothing to do with them. I think it has something to do with this dialup service and some nasty, recurring viruses I've been having on my machine. I think a combination of those two things has had something to do with it. I'm not going to get all bent out of shape about it until I'm absolutely certain it has nothing to do with those things. In the meantime, I can always send from my hotmail account I guess.

Sometime this week I have a buttload of journal reading to do (that's a techincal term, by the way). Believe it or not, I feel guilty if I don't read your journals. I guess my logic is that if I expect people to read mine then I better be reading as well, so don't be surprised if sometime this week you get a comment from me in your journal from something your wrote several days ago, cos I've not read a single journal since, like, last Friday.

Welp, I'm gonna try and stop the bleeding and get some sleep before I head back into Lexington in the morning to get a cast. Who wants to sign it? ;-)
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