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It is official: I broke the big toe on my right foot. I'm going to be a puddle of bones and flesh by the time this is over with. As I suspected, there is nothing he can really -do- about it except confirm that it's broken.

I visited the Evil Empire this morning after my doctor's appointment to buy a gift for my youngest son whose birthday is this weekend. Mr. Walton's establishment is not typically my favorite place to patronize, but they do have something I needed today: the old people carts. Hay-eel yeah, I was tooling around the Wal-Mart with my little motorized buggy-basket. In addition to my son's gift (an X-box game called Yu-Gi-Oh: insert creepy/gothic/medeival game title with the requisite prepositional phrase here) I bought some gauze and tape for my wounded toe. I also bought Kill Bill Vol 1, 'cos I plan to go see Vol. 2 sometime in the coming weeks and I thought it'd be fun to re-watch the first installment. Then I got all goofy over by the DVD bargain bin and bought 4 more titles.

See, movies are one area where it is great to be a guy. This is primarily because of one reason: gratuitous nudity. The worst movie in the world can be saved by some really good gratuitous nudity. As evidence, I present exhibit A: the god-awful Tanya Roberts movie from the 1980's - Sheena. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed queen of the jungle in Africa who talks to animals telepahtically. The frist scene she's in? Standing by a waterfull butt-naked, water glistening in the sun. Then there's the more recent Wildthings with Neve Campbell and Denise Richards. The menage-trois scene with the champagne being dumped all over Denise Richards... only redeeming thing about that movie. Now would I pay $20 for either of these movies? Heckie-naw. But $11 for the two of them, you bet yer sweet patootie.

I also scored two other movies out of the bargain bin. One of them was America's Sweethearts which I haven't seen. I have this weird, non-gay thing about John Cusack (unlike my disturbingly quasi-gay thing about Johnny Depp) plus Catherine Zeta-Jones ain't so hard to look at. The other movie is The Truth About Cats and Dogs which I haven't seen either, but has Janeane Garafalo in it. I guess I have a non-gay thing about Janeane Garafalo as well, she's a fox.

I also bought myself a game. It won't excite anyone 'cos it's Risk II. I love to play Risk and I have the original PC version Hasbro released a number of years ago. It was only ten bucks... I figured what the hell. I probably shouldn't go on mini-shopping sprees when I'm going to be unemployed for the next two months, but I'll manage.

I got an interesting e-mail this morning from the marketing co-ordinator at EMI Music Canada concerning my Beastie Boys website wanting to "work with me" on promoting the new Beastie Boys record in June. Something about banners and buddy icons for starters, but also there was mention of swag like stickers and posters. I'm not sure exactly what I would stand to gain from this (maybe a link on the official site or at,, and/or and I'm also not sure how I feel about it - I've always been rather adamant about being advertisement free. Admittedly, this is different, it's actually plugging the very product of the artist the site is based on. So, I dunno... if Icould get an advance copy of the record that would definitely be beneficial to having my site ready to go when the record hits the streets.

I also haven't decided if this is a form letter or not: for one it has a very noticeable typo in it and secondly, it appears that Iris inadvertently "signed it" in addition to the stock signature at the bottom. On the other hand, it makes no specific mention of my website anywhere.

Hi there,

My name is Iris and I work for EMI Music Canada - Wondering if there's a possibility of working with you and your site to on the new Beastie Boys release due in the summer. I will be given tons of information up until the release including - banners, e-cards, players, buddy icons, press releases, posters, stickers etc. This is going to be one hot CD and this would be great and suitable for your site! Let me know what we can work out.

To start off:
Buddy Icons:

And you can find the Canadian press release on the Beastie Boys' new album, "To The 5 Boroughs' at our Media Site. Please sign up to both sites - this will help you obtain images and press releases if needed.

*please do not alter any press release, although you may take out the publicist's information because it isn't relevant.


Iris Piko
Marketing Coordinator
EMI Music Canada
(905) 677 5050 ext. 3215 |

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