It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

location: kokomo, indiana

i've been thinking a lot about old friends lately after digging around through old emails, gawd 'm such an e-packrat... bill, boz, james, joe and alisa, aj, kelly.... stacey... i was so naïve that summer at GSP... she was into me and i was so blind to it because i was so into susan.... if i had only known then what i know now.... heh.. i'm looking forward to agnes returning to that states in another month or so.... now that things are settling more for me, i'm sure i can make it down to cherokee to visit... although i was thinking about that last ngiht.... i look forward to it and i don't... i mean, i think she's a really neat person, but i'm also so attracted to her based solely on one meeting... i know when go see her again i'm going to get all those crushy feelings again... and there lies the double edged sword.... i know that in all honesty, that i don't know that much about her and that we're from such totally different backgrounds that even if there was a chance for there to be something, it'd probably never work, and, also, just the fact that she's from POLAND and will go back makes it all seem a moot point.. but, i can't help it.... i can't think of anyone that i've ever met on a cursory sort of basis, like 4 hours, and then have them just stick in my mind for weeks afterwards like that... have dreams about them.... i don't really believe in destiny, but i wonder about chance meetings like that... when two people meet in such a coincidental way... the old saying that everything happens for a reason... fantasy: agnes likes the states so much she moves here, falls in love with me and becomes my punk-rock girl.... maybe when i go should make sure i have plenty of good music with me when i go visit so i can start converting her... heh... I bet she's a techno freak... that picture of her boyfriend looked like a rave kid...

i missed my music collection again today... listeing to starfish's second record in mp3 and realizing that i could never get their first one that I actually owned to rip and knowing I've lost that... starfish kicks my ass....make that 3 sleater-kinney records and the starfish record that i've got to recover... and i'm willing to bet i've lost the pegboy record i loved so much cos i don't think i ever got that to rip either... wait lemme check... yup, no pegboy in the collection... shit... i need to go to pops, like, this weekend and see if any of my old collection is still there... "I walk alone through, sleet and snow and pouring rain to get my heart broken..." not that ther'es much point in it... i'm gonna be broke anyway on payday with that advance comin' out... i just hope both of them don't hit this paycheck... that'd be 400 bucks outta it...

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