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i'd trade all of my tomorrows for a single yesterday
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
I was a good boy today and read journals before I get too far behind.

Yesterday I went to see Kill Bill Vol 2. with my pal Robin.

I'm caught-up in the the whole Friends extravaganza last night and this evening.

I'm over my Guns N Roses infatuation much too soon, I never got to use the Slash icon I added, so I'm using it for this entry before I remove it.

Heaven will be to meet Janis Joplin in person and hear her sing.

It's bad when you can sum up each event in your life with a single sentence.

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I, too, am caught up in the Friends circus. It's going to be exciting to see how it all ends. I used to watch back in the day, but lost interest. I will still probably cry tonight, as I am a total girl.

Heaven will be to meet Janis Joplin in person and hear her sing.

You have never said anything more true. Janis forever.

yeah i haven't watched it much in the past few years either, as i really haven't watched much TV in the past 4-5 years... i guess one of the reasons i have an affinity for Friends is it was really the first sitcom of my generation, about my generation... and for that reason alone, it'll always be near and dear to my heart :)


So... wondering, is that offer still good? Have some vacation time coming up soon (June/July-ish) and if I get there, would you kidnap me for a bit?

sure... July would be best as, with my broken limb, i won't be back in a truck until sometime in June... but the offer is still good...

where you wanna go?

Sounds gravy... how about late July then? Must have missed the post, but what happened again? And how is it comin' along?

Where to go...? Hmmm... Whatcha got to choose from?

relevant post

and it's comin' along ok... i get the cast off in another 2.5 weeks, then will have about two weeks after that 'til i get full use of my leg back...

as far as what to choose from, some of that is dependent on the kinda time you have... if you have 2-3 weeks to kill, i could try and swing a west coast trip... which is fun just for the views... but more than likely you'll be more interested in something on this side of the Mississippi just 'cos of time constraints...

i can get trips into the NYC area "at will" pretty much, which seems to appeal to most people... the way i usually try to arrange this is to get a trip that has to be there on Monday morning but arrange to get it on Thursday evening/Friday morning and get into New Jersey sometime on Saturday morning/afternoon... we'd have a minimum of all day Sunday with the possibility of additional time on both Saturday and Monday just depending on how things go

other options to consider are:

- Cedar Point, OH (amusement park, home of the world's tallest roller coaster ;-)

- any number of major mid-west cities (Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Cleveland, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Madison)

- any number of casinos if yer the gambling sort ;-)

- Niagara Falls (although I won't make promises on this one, the more notice I had on specific dates, the higher the chances, but still no guarantees I could get it)

- Massachusetts: including Boston, Cape Code/Martha's Vineyard, Plymouth Rock, etc... like Niagara Falls, no guarantees, but with notice might could get it....

of course, you're more than welcome to just come along for the ride and see where you end up ;-)


how were you planning on meeting up with me, out of curiosity? drive up? fly up?

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