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work whine work bitch work complain (a tirade)

I'm at work, putting off the 3-4 hour process of doing monthly inventory. Well, not entirely true; I've started it somewhat. It's hard to get motivated about doing tedious work you don't enjoy which you derive little appreciation for (if any). The bane of the service industry is that you are most noticed when you do poorly than when you do well, not to mention, there's not much in the way of gratification of having made some sort of a "difference" with your work. To the people I affect with my servitude I'm just another face in another restaurant in another airport. Although I did have a nice phone conversation with the assistant to the president of Berea College this afternoon. The president and some faculty from the school were interviewing candidates for Vice President and I catered their affair on Monday. Apparently the prez was rather taken with the service I provided and they are writing a letter to the president of my company as well as the airport administration about my wonderful service.(wheee...)

But this is an aberration. If I've learned nothing else from my 13 year stint in the food service industry it's that the general public is rude and unappreciative of the service industry, and then have the gall to complain in poll after poll about how rude people working in the service industry are. As Stevie Ray Vaughn asked, "Whatever happened to the golden rule?"

For a few bucks you can walk into any fast food restaurant and have a crew of employees prepare a filling meal for you in a matter of minutes. No cooking for you, no dirty dishes, no grocery shopping. These kids are making minimum wage, with a shift manager who's making little better than that and a general manager that -might- be pulling in around 30k a year. And yet, in quick service/fast food, it is not considered customary to allow for gratuity because it is "counter" service. The entire culture of this sector of food service perpetuates itself. Customers demand that fast food be cheap. For some reason there seems to be some direct proportion to the length of time you wait for your food to the price of the item. In reality, full service dining requires a lot less labor dollars, cos servers make under minimum wage, and is much more subject to greater profit margins. Think about the REAL cost to produce your favorite grilled chicken dish with miscellaneous vegetable from your nearby mid-priced dining establishment and the 10 bucks you paid for it, not including tip. So to offset the cost of a cheaper menu, not to mention millions spent in "coupon" placement and discounted specials, and the cost of waste (you waste a lot more food by pre-preparing it so it's "fast") the people at your local hamburger place is barely making above minimum wage and will be lucky to get a 10 or 15 cent raise every 6 months to a year (around 2%). Sure their job doesn't require any formal education or training except a manual and some videos to watch on their first day, but it does require intelligence, composure, and a certain amount of grace and tact; a skill that is not measured by a test or they give diplomas for.

All this because you want your Big Mac NOW.

(stepping down from soapbox)

can't seem to go to work and let some fucker treat me like a piece of dirt
i don't want a career, i got enough to deal with here
and i shelled out my last seven bucks for beer
i don't know what the fuck to do

Note to self: transcribe your little Waffle House piece here, will be a nice addendum.
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