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well way down yonder in Louisville, lived a cat named Big Bad Bill

Much like the Guns n Roses infatuation of a few days ago, today it's Van Halen, Diamond Dave era, natch. This trip through my music collection is so much fun. I just hope I can accomplish my project before I have to go to work, because I know if I don't, it's likely I'll never finish it.

Well it seems kinda frightening how this younger generation swings

Not only did I keep up on my journal reading today, but I was in a really commenting mood. If you wrote something today, there's a good chance I commented to it. If I didn't, well, I'm so sorry.

I heard you missed us, we're back. I got my pencil! Gimme somethin' to write on, man.

It is little secret that I'm just a big ol' attention whore. I thought it'd be interesting today to Google myself. When I Google my actual name, it only returns one instance, which is good. I've always strived to keep my name rather private on the internet and the one place it turns up, is a page I created, so that's a good thing. In fact, when meeting people from the internet for the first time, I usually get asked "by the way, what's your name?" somewhere in the process. The moniker "soopageek", however, is another story. Google returned 150 instances for the name soopageek, so, you know I had to sift through them all. Of course, a lot of them are references to my domain (or other pages I've created over the years in other locations) that spiders have crawled over, and some others are links to the Beastie Boys website, since it's address is . A good deal of them are also from you guys, where I appear on your info pages and spiders have crawled over it. But I was curious about what was mixed in with all of these that aren't explained by the afore mentioned phenomena. I only found one instance of my nome de plume on a website that, near as I can tell, is not the result of some search engine spider or from someone I know.

The blog located at has the link "Soopageek" under a category called "The n00bs" which apparently is a collection of blog links. Among a rather extensive list of blog links, it links to . The interesting thing is that "Soopageek" is at the top of the list. I'm not sure what this means, however. Does this mean that I'm the "top of the list"? Or does it mean I'm the most recent link added? Or possibly I was the first link added? Tis a curious, curious thing.

Well my baby, she don't want me around
She said she's tired of watching me fall down
She wants the good life, she wants the best
But I like that bottle better than the rest
Well I think that you're headed for a whole lotta trouble...
If you take your whiskey home

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