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Dear Lexingtonians
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
As I write this, our castle is burning:

This is not good. The local television's "special report" didn't have any video footage yet, but an eye witness at the radio station down the street said he didn't think any of it would be able to be saved. I'm sure the late news will be more informative, complete with video footage.

If this is some sort of insurance scam by the castle's new owners, they deserve to be strung up.

This sucks.

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I just saw that on the news...

It's so sad.

tell me about it... i'm super bummedabout this... it's like a piece of my life is gone

(Deleted comment)
i know how you feel... when they finally got a camera crew out thereand cut back in with another report i was just completely stunned...

it's almost like someone you know has died

I addressed you specifically in my post about it. You're the only Lexingtonian on my friends list. I actually cried when I saw it burning.

The new owner said he's devastated. They were turning it into a B&B that was due to be open in time for the Keeneland spring meet.

The pictures on the news looked surreal. Can you believe how close we were to finally seeing the inside?

i know. after all these years there was finally a chance that the public might get to see inside it.... and now its been lost forever

Eyewitness sketch of the arsonist:

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