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song meme
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
This one is making the rounds (joeyhemlock, huskerdude1, fairymelusine, spleazeball) in various forms and I thought it looked like fun. Instead of coming from an mp3 player, though, it is coming from the hard drives of my computer:

1) 20 songs, selected at random
2) I pick my favorite bit of lyrics from each song
3) You identify them - if you dare

What's going to be interesting about this is that, knowing what's on my hard drive at the moment, this could prove to be pathetically easy, near impossible, or a nice balance of both.... so here goes.

1) "Blood on the streets/Blood on the rocks/Blood in the gutter/Every last drop"

2) "And the girl in the corner/Let no one ignore her/'Cause she thinks she's the passionate one"

3) "Something is in the air/She's got leftovers in her hair/She's got a ticket anywhere"

4) "You were so strange/You didn't have the decency to change the sheets"

5) "I got a little fat momma with the meat shakin' on the bone/I'm tellin' you people to leave my baby alone"

6) "We stole this riff/From Cobain's headless sack/He wants his money/He's coming back"

7) "I heard momma and poppa talkin'/I heard my poppa tell momma/Let that boy boogie woogie/Cos it's in him and it got to come out/And I felt so good"

8) "I've never been so bored or read so many magazines/And every minute seems like an hour to me"

9) "You want to know why I hate you?/Well I'll try and explain/D'you remember that day in Paris when we wandered through the rain?"

10) "You can choke on easy ways while we stay up every night and every day/Doesn't matter what you say 'cos your ways are so fucking lame"

11) "I"m tired of being told what to think/I'm tired of being told what to do/I'm tired of fucking phonies, that's right I'm sick of you" (actually it's a cover with a slight lyric change, bonus points for getting both bands ;-)

12) "Well I be comin' around the mountain with my ho Suzanna/I'm peelin off the caps like the hicks in Alabama"

13) "Got a one-way ticket to the promised land/You got a hole in your belly and a gun in your hand"

14) "Look into your crimson orifice/In holy remembrance/In scarlet bliss"

15) "If I could live for 100 years/Still I couldn't understand my fears/Never had the time or an easy ride/Kicking up the noise of a suicide"

16) "Take a girl out/She won't fuck you/After you just bought her a gram of coke"

17) "I scoff at my rivals cause they ain't cool/And I rewrote the bible and made my own rules"

18) "You're my flavor of the week/I SWALLOW, I SWALLOW, I SWALLOW, I SWALLOW"

19) "She's there to love me/Both day and night/Never grumbles or fusses/Always treats me right/Never runnin' in the streets/And leavin' me alone/She knows a woman's place/Is right there now in her home"

20) "What is truth?/Is it unchanging law?/We both have truths/Are mine the same as yours?"

Actually that came out more balanced than I thought it would. There's only 3-4 of them that I doubt anyone will get, 3-4 that are super-easy and the rest will just depend on whether you're a fan or not. To be honest, if I saw the lyrics to some of these disembodied from their song on a page like this, I'd never get it either. Oh well, have fun with it.

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i'll get the super easy ones:
1) if you want blood - ac/dc (actually, i only know it from mark kozelek :/ )
2) ballroom blitz
4) when u were mine - prince


16 is bikeage by the descendents
18 is be aggressive by faith no more.

..i dunno the rest.

your avatar rules. "let's get the hell out of here!!!!"

i wonder if you guys would even remember each other from "back in the day"...

"skinhorse", say hi to "peptalk"


16) right band, wrong song :)
18) be agressive, b-e- agressive... b-e- a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e

Ummm.... you're a fucking son of a bitch/you arrogant asshole?

Not you of course.

16.) I'm not a loser.
(that's right).

i love it when you talk dirty to me...

..oh, and yeah, you're right

# 13 is Springsteen, Tom Joad (Ghost of Tom Joad?)

The last one is from Jesus Christ Superstar, although it may be from something else, too- what with it being all biblical and all.

yup, "The Ghost of Tom Joad"

and yer correct on the JC Superstar... it's from "Trial Before Pilate" :)... i love that soundtrack... sometimes when i'm on a long drive and bored, i'll sing the entire thing from beginning to finish (all the parts, top of my lungs)

I do the same thing - especially with Rent and Phantom.

They're all "Stuck on You" by Lionel Richie.

if that song were residing on my hard drive, my immediate execution would be completely justifiable

at least you aren't listening to "What a Fool Believes" three times a week. like me.

yeah but i have regular Survivor listening moments, so there ya go

now i'm higher than a kite, i know i'm getting hooked on your love

wow, nobody got #9 yet! "how beautiful you are" by the cure. of course, that's the only one aside from #4 that i would have picked up.

see i thought the Cure song was one of the super-easy ones... i guess it's one of those songs that you have to be just slightly more than a casual fan of the band to get it... like, i'm not enough of a fan that i'd get some other Cure song like "Lovecats" or "10:15 Saturday Night"... but just about anything offa Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me... hayeel yeah...

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