It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

1) "Blood on the streets/Blood on the rocks/Blood in the gutter/Every last drop"
- AC/DC - "If You Want Blood (You Got It)"

2) "And the girl in the corner/Let no one ignore her/'Cause she thinks she's the passionate one"
- Sweet - "Ballroom Blitz"

3) "Something is in the air/She's got leftovers in her hair/She's got a ticket anywhere"
- Starfish - "Run Around"

4) "You were so strange/You didn't have the decency to change the sheets"
- Prince - "When U Were Mine"

5) "I got a little fat momma with the meat shakin' on the bone/I'm tellin' you people to leave my baby alone"
- Buddy Guy and Junior Wells - "Quit Teasing My Baby"

6) "We stole this riff/From Cobain's headless sack/He wants his money/He's coming back"
- The Meatmen - "We Hate This Riff"

7) "I heard momma and poppa talkin'/I heard my poppa tell momma/Let that boy boogie woogie/Cos it's in him and it got to come out/And I felt so good"
- John Lee Hooker - "Boogie Chillun"

8) "I've never been so bored or read so many magazines/And every minute seems like an hour to me"
- Le Shok - "Give Me Something, Help Me Please"

9) "You want to know why I hate you?/Well I'll try and explain/D'you remember that day in Paris when we wandered through the rain?"
- The Cure - "How Beautiful You Are"

10) "You can choke on easy ways while we stay up every night and every day/Doesn't matter what you say 'cos your ways are so fucking lame"
- The (International) Noise Conspiracy - "Only Lovers Left Alive"

11) "I"m tired of being told what to think/I'm tired of being told what to do/I'm tired of fucking phonies, that's right I'm sick of you" (actually it's a cover with a slight lyric change, bonus points for getting both bands ;-)
- New Bomb Turks - "Mr. Suit" (originally performed by Wire)

12) "Well I be comin' around the mountain with my ho Suzanna/I'm peelin off the caps like the hicks in Alabama"
- Young Black Teenagers - "Tap The Bottle"

13) "Got a one-way ticket to the promised land/You got a hole in your belly and a gun in your hand"
- Bruce Springsteen - "The Ghost Of Tom Joad"

14) "Look into your crimson orifice/In holy remembrance/In scarlet bliss"
- Bauhaus - "Stigmata Martyr"

15) "If I could live for 100 years/Still I couldn't understand my fears/Never had the time or an easy ride/Kicking up the noise of a suicide"
- Jesus and Mary Chain - "Heat"

16) "Take a girl out/She won't fuck you/After you just bought her a gram of coke"
- The Descendents - "I'm Not A Loser"

17) "I scoff at my rivals cause they ain't cool/And I rewrote the bible and made my own rules"
- Mother Love Bone - "Captain Hi-Top"

18) "You're my flavor of the week/I SWALLOW, I SWALLOW, I SWALLOW, I SWALLOW"
- Faith No More - "Be Aggressive"

19) "She's there to love me/Both day and night/Never grumbles or fusses/Always treats me right/Never runnin' in the streets/And leavin' me alone/She knows a woman's place/Is right there now in her home"
- Ray Charles - "I Got A Woman"

20) "What is truth?/Is it unchanging law?/We both have truths/Are mine the same as yours?"
- from Jesus Christ Superstar - "Trial Before Pilate"

I was a little surprised that no one got the Ray Charles or John Lee Hooker songs. It's not like they were obscure songs by these artists. In fact, they were both "signature" songs for these musicians. Hmmm, maybe when I get back on the road and have broadband access again I should give some fundamental schoolin' on the blues and early R&B. These kids today, sheesh.

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