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i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Well I have the splint off of my leg and am now in one of those "moon boots" as my orthopedist called it. I'm slowly putting weight on it - hurts like hell.

The phone lines in the area are all funky because of the storms and I haven't been able to get online. Today, while killing some time around Lexington, I made a visit to the library on campus. Man, I'd forgotten how nice a real internet connection can be.

For you Lexingtonians: In addition to the loss of our castle... there's been another loss....

The Lexington-Herald Leader reported today that Brian Collins succumbed to a very brief battle with lung cancer yesterday. He was 62.

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man, when I broke my right arm (in seven places, I know, I am rad), I removed my own cast with a Dremel tool. It was healed fine. When the arm was free, it fell straight.....fuck! Did that hurt.

my leg only really hurts when i try and bear down on it... but i'm doing that a lot because i want to get back on it... so i'm going to endure the pain... i want to be back on it in two to four weeks.... this unemploymnt bullshit is for the birds...

Man, you must have really fucked your ankle! I broke mine when I was 11 and I was only in a cast for 3 weeks. It was a pretty severe break, too!

As for Brian Collins... I always liked him. In the mid-80s, he went on a strict diet of only Wendy's Frosties and lost, like, 50 lbs. I think that rules.

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Yeah they had that in the story about him in the paper about the Frostie's.... that is kinda cool

I love the bio-- I've got to add you. Add me back?

Btw- I'm in Lex, too. Where do you go out to?

well sure.

i don't "go out" all that often... usually i just hang with friends... unless restaurants count :) the last time i went out to some sort of club in lexington was back in november... i went to The Dame for a show (Jucifer)

Same here. I think the last time I went out I was at Varsity Blues for Fight Night. God, that was back in October.

Spring Break in Panama City made up for the lack of excitement =D

I guess I should add that that was the last time i went "out" in Lexington.... when I go to NYC, I'm out the entire time I'm there :)

I take it you were rowdy during Spring Break?

Of course. My friends and I were the famous "KY girls". Guys loved us, girls loathed us.

How fab, I've never been to NY-- but I've always wanted to go!

if yer game and wanna cheap trip to the big apple, maybe sometime this summer after i get back on the road you can make an excursion...

i've taken two LJ friends (janietrain and draysha68 so far this year... it's always been a blast so far...

you probably haven't gleaned this yet from my journal due to the fact that i am incapacitated with a broken leg, but, almost two years ago i sold just about everything i owned and learned to drive a truck... like, the big 18 wheeler trucks and typically spend my time roaming the country in it with my cat... :)

anyway, the gyst of this is... i can get trips to NYC pretty much "on demand", if'n ya ever wanna go on the cheap :) all ya need is the time to do it, i take care of feed'n ya and transportation... althouhg you may have to wait in line... i think kinkerbelle has plans on riding with me sometime in july :)

if yer curious... i've done a fairly decent job of maintaining my travel related journal entries in my memories section, if ya care :)

or you're bored... :)

That is so cool! I don't know if I would actually be able to go, but the offer is tempting!

I'll check out your journal mems anyway and read about your trip.

saw this website and sifted through it's sorta like virtual exploration of abandoned buildings through some wonderful photography. It reminded me of the time you took pics of the abandoned places in the desert.

bye :)

Thanks for the tip, but due to the graphics intensive nature of the website, I will probably wait to peruse it when I have something other than a dialup connection to contend with :(.

But I will definitely keep it in mind.

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