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everybody wants some Nashville Pussy

Nashville Pussy!

I've seen these guys play 5 or 6 times and it never gets old. Pound for pound, there is no other more decadent and hard rockin'/hard workin' band on the road. They tour constantly it seems, whether they have product to support or not. To wit, they haven't released a record in 2 years, yet here they are on the road again (maybe this is to support their DVD release?).

Anyway, they're in Louisville on the 3rd and Cincinnati on the 4th. I'll probably make the Cinci one so that a friend can go with me who otherwise couldn't for the Louisville show. What worries me about it is that the Cinci show is out doors (at Annie's) and I typically am not a fan of outdoor shows. Guess we'll see how it goes. I've never been to Annie's so it'll be a new venue for me.

Oh yeah and Jackyl is opening! Ha!

Also with my leg, I won't be able to get my usual spot - holding on for dear life to the floor monitor in front of Ruyter Suys. I'll hafta find a nice safe spot somewhere on the side or in the back.

But I'm sure it'll be an experience as always....

In the past I have seen:

At the show they played at Lynaugh's here in Lexington (Blaine is from central KY, btw) humping the floor monitor on the edge of the stage. She was wearing a plaid miniskirt and fish net stockings. Talk about hot. That was probably the wildest of their shows I' have ever been too. Some dude from the audience reached out for Corey Parks' breast (when she was with the band) which resulted in him receiving the butt of a bass guitar firmly in his face. The stage at Lynauigh's was very low, more of a riser than anything. When the crowd started to get too wild during "Johnny Hotrod" a security guy got on stage with a flashlight and began shining it into the crowd. Blaine stopped somewhere during the first verse and told the security guy to get off his stage and that if they weren't prepared for that sort of show, don't book it. Heh. They then restarted Johnny Hotrod from the beginning (my favorite NP song incidentally) "the way it was meant to be" I think he said.

The very first time I saw them in Louisville at the Toy Tiger with some other Lexington heroes, The Hookers. Wow. Between the Hookers and NP, There wasn't a dry body in the house between the beer, spit/loogies, and sweat.

I saw them play at Southgate House in Newport once, too. A guy climbed on the side of the stage beside Ruyter. He was obviously smashed and after managing to crawl on stage and stand up, he kind just stood there weaving, looking at Rutyer. Ruyter looked back at him and took one hand and gently tipped him over. He fell off the side of the stage into this collection of folding chairs off to the side. Apparently, the guy went into one of those drunk rage episodes and climbed back on stage. It looked like he was now trying to maul Ruyter - lunging at her grabbing for her. A small brawl ensued with Ruyter kicking the guy's ass before security could haul him off stage. The rest of the band never missed a beat in the song they were playing ;-).

Simulated fellatio with beer bottles, fire breathing (in the old days anyway), hot rock chick lip locks and very fast, very loud unapolagetic rock and roll. This is Nashville Pussy. Their msuic isn't entertaining enough to sit around and listen to thier records over and over, but to see them live is a must in my book.

Get yer tickets and meet me at Annie's on the 4th. It'll be a blast.

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