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(no subject)
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
I miss the road.

I have gotta get this leg healed so Fubu and I can get back in a truck. This is starting to drive me nuts.

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Did you get the name Fubu kitty from Shirley and Laverne? It was before my time but I saw a special about the two actresses and they said something about Fubu kitty. :) Or I think you might have said it was the brand of clothing For Us By Us?

I KNOW.. !!!I missed your truck as soon as I got out of it but my alergies couldn't take much more exposure to kitty hairs. Trucking is addictive and especially listening to your CB.

My ex-girlfriend named her. She was part of a small litter of 3 kittens that she was saddled with and their names were Fubu, BooBoo, and Oddball. Fubu ended up being mine. I don't know that there was any signifigance to the name other than it rhymed with the other one :).

Yeah it is addciting isn't it. It makes it hard for to consider doing anything else with my life because I know, once I settled down anywhere with a regular job in the straight world, I'd miss it.

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