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bizee foshizzle

It's been a busy week and half for me and I haven't had much time to fool with LJ as of late. In all likelihood I won't catch up on my journal reading, it'll just be too much, but who knows maybe I'll get around to it. Here's a quick recap of my past ten days or so :).

I went to Virginia for Memorial Day Weekend and visited with grandparents and witnessed another rehearsal of Midnight Sun in preparation for the reunion on June 26th.

That's when a smoke was a smoke and groovin' was groovin'

Upon returning to Kentucky on Tuesday evening I went to my brother's house near Louisville and spent a couple of days with him. I became quite addicted to playing Grand Theft Auto 3. While I didn't have time to do everythign in the game, I managed to make it through the final sequence. It has made me very tempted to purchase a PS2.
..drove so goddamned fast...

Go, motherfucker, go!

This past Friday night Robin and I went to see Nashville Pussy in Cincinnati. They were raucous and as fun as ever, although, since they weren't on the headliner, their show was somewhat truncated. We didn't stick around for Jackyl very long. It became rather apparent really fast just why Jackyl is, well, Jackyl. Note: Annie's is a nifty little venue. It's too bad that most of the acts that come through there are hard rock acts way past their prime and relevance - Jackyl, Warrant, Great White (bring your fire extinguisher), etc. Come to think of it, many of them never were prime or relevant.

Before he got his hands across your state line.

Today was the birthday party for my nephew Mason, so I got to see my other siblings and eat some tasty burgers while watching Smarty Jones lose his shot at infamy.

Brought my ticket to the window and collected my win

I just found out a matter of minutes ago that Northern State will be playing at The Dame this Thursday night (the 10th). I will definitely be there; Robin is seriously debating calling off from work that night ;-). If any of you other Lexingtonians are interested, gimme a holler, we'll meet up or something. I saw these girls play in Brooklyn on New Year's Eve and it was a lotta fun.

I write my rhymes on the man's dollar
If you're in Times Square come and give me a holler
If you see me on the street don't say "What's up, honey?"
I'll get kung fu on your ass like it's not even funny
I'm not that girl, you don't wanna fuck with me
Ima get more brutal than the N-Y-P-D

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