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i'm sorry, did i break your concentration?

In celebration of Pulp Fiction's tenth anniversary, IFC is running it all month. They ran it at least three times tonight that I know of. Which is cool with me, it'd been a while since I had seen it. It is quite possibly the greatest film of the last quarter century ( I realize this is a great point of contention, feel free to prove otherwise) and it is certainly the greatest film of my generation. It revitalized the artistry of film making and, with respect to cinema, is a kindred spirit to Nirvana's Nevermind in terms of its impact on the industry and popular culture in general. Sadly, I have never seen it on a big screen. I should've made it a point to see it when the Kentucky was showing it during the release of Kill Bill however I didn't. I should make that a priority the next time it occurs.

I hope to have my CD burn project wrapped up no later than Monday, then I can focus my energies solely on annotating lyrics for the new Beastie Boys record. It's in stores on Tuesday and I feel a bit obligated to have at least work-in-progress annotated transcriptions for the entire album online ASAP. From my limited work on them so far, I must say, this is certainly a much more reference laden album than their previous one, which is fun to work on, but at the same time, makes for slow progress. I spent nearly two hours working on about 6 lines the other day.

Speaking of which, it occured to me that maybe some of you could help me with something. One of the new tracks has some foreign language in it. It seems to be a mix of Italian, French, and Spanish. I'll show you what it is, what I've translated so far using dumb online translator thingies, and maybe some of you can better translate it. Keep in mind these are rough transcriptions of the lyrics, they may not be spelled properly. So here goes:

Your rhyme technique, it is antique
To all my heads Qu'est-ce-que tu fabriques?

Near as I can tell this is French, which I came up with the translation "What do you make?" which to me makes no sense.
Que cosa fa? Como esta?
This appears to be Spanish but the "fai" doesn't seem to be right. By the way, I do know enough Spanish to know that "Como esta?" means "How are you?"
Ho fato molte telefonate
This seems to be Italian for: "I made a lot of telephone calls."

These four lines appear together in the above sequence in the song. Any help would be greatly appeciated ;-)

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