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if you wanna know the real deal about the three

Here's one for the bleachers and the upper tier
Versatile All-Temp-A-Cheer
If you wanna drink call Mr. Belvedere
Run this rap game like a brigadier

It's fun to be a fan. I'm a true fan of so few things that when I get to be a fan I relish every moment. It is safe to say that the Beastie Boys are the only musical group that I've ever been a true fan of. I enjoy reading about them, watching them on TV, watching their videos, and of course listening to their music. The past 24 hours I have been completely immersed in a world of Beastie.

Yesterday I spent around 12 hours working on the lyrics for the new album. I figure I'm about 2/3's done with the initial draft. However, with the work I haven't had a chance to really enjoy the record, but as a first reaction, I must say I'm really pleased. To be honest, this record as an album is stronger than their past two (Ill Communication and Hello Nasty). One of the problems with the past two Beastie Boys albums is that they've been front-heavy; a lot of strong songs filling the front and middle of the album then it peters out toward the end with a bunch of filler and throw-away tracks. Missing from this album are a lot of things which have made the past couple of albums problematic; it's just 16 solid rap/hip-hop tracks - no instrumental noodling, none of MCA's free-form Buddhist prayers-set-to-song, no featured artists, no punk songs, no muss, no fuss. Even the level of political moralizing is kept in check and balanced by the sort of goofy, pop-culture referencing that they are famous for. If I may be so bold, while the musical complexity doesn't hold a candle, the depth of lyrical references is on par with the mythical Paul's Boutique.

In short, I will have a musical love affair for the next couple of months.

I've been getting my annotations on-line as I finish them and the response on zero-day was pretty much what I expected; website traffic doubled on the release-date yesterday and I suspect it will probably be like that for most of the week then taper off over the next two weeks back to a normal level.
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