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wireless solutions
Verizon Wireless is launching a nation-wide, broadband wireless network. It has been testing in San Diego and Washington D.C. since October and word is that they plan to have all of the country's major markets covered by the end of 2004. Currently, outside of SD and DC, you still get service, but at speeds of 40-60kbps. The braodband network, when you're in it, boasts speeds of 300-600kbps with bursts up to 2.4mbps.

Wow! Would this be cool for me or what?

Problem is, it comes with a price tag of $80/mo. + a $150 PC card. Currently my wireless solutions run me about $20/mo, but I have to be in very specific places. I don't know that 4 times that amount per month is worth the felxibility of having it virtually anywhere.

But it sure would be cool as hell.

Edit to add: Of course, I could always go satellite for $99/mo. ;-)

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I used to have the service from Sprint and it rocked! I highly recommend it. Its nice being able to cruise the net when stuck at a shipper for afew hours, or when parked at a rest area.

Was Sprint's service through your cell phone or was it a stand-alone service?

Also, was it typical modem speeds or broadband?

it was a stand alone card.. I averaged about 128K for speed.. in larger cities (LA, Dallas) I got about 250K..

not bad... what was the cost on that?

$60 or $70/mo.. don't remember for sure..

I loved being almost anywhere and able to hop on and do some online work. I was working on my degree via the net while driving, so it was used alot for that, plus just chatting and such via yahoo.

Yeah, its spendy, but it helped me keep my sanity :D

Well $60/mo is not any more pricey than DSL or cable. I don't mind something in that range if 1) i've got decent coverage and 2) the transfer rates are comparable to broadband... my problem with Verizon's price tag of $80 is that it's getting closer to $100 than it is $50 and they currently only have two cities covered. I guess I'll do some research into Sprint, thanks for the tip.

I still have my sprint card here, if you want it. If you decide to go with them, let me know. They gave me the card for free, but then charged me $250 since I left before 2 years of service. I'd let ya have it for a steal :)

Was it Sprint Broadband Direct? If so it looks as if they are discontinuing their service.


Thanks for the link, I couldn't find any information on that trying to navigate Sprint's website. I'd about given up on it.

And, I don't think they've got a plan that will suit me. Their most liberal plan is a 300M limit for $100/mo. If I was just a web surfer that'd be suitable but I'm a downloader, I'd blow that in a few days :).

I found out in my searching that my cell phone company, Nextel, is also working on a wireless broadband nextwork, but it's only available in Durham-Raleigh at the moment, but the plan is to have it available anywhere you could ordinarily get their phone service... at rates comparable to DSL/Cable ($50-$70/mo)...

I guess it's something that's coming, from all the big cell phone players... I just gotta be patient.. I guess if there isn't one currently I'll stick it out with a truckstop WiFi until there is one :)

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