It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

I've been looking into satellite internet options in a little more detail, out of curiosity. On the surface, it's not a bad rate; most all the providers offer plans for about $60/mo which is comprable to DSL or cable - the problem is purchasing the equipment. For the first 15 months, you pay $100/mo until the equipment is paid for, then it reverts to the $60/mo for the monthly service. All in all not a bad deal except I don't know if I want to be saddled with a $100/mo. payment for the next year.

So, to help me think about this... pros and cons of satellite internet:

- have broadband internet anywhere in the country, even at my parents' in the sticks of Kentucky and not tied to WiFi hotspots
- long-term monthly charge is comprable to DSL/Cable, if all of a sudden I wasn't driving anymore, I could still utilize it as my internet provider
- flexibility: with the generally unobstructed skyline at your average truckstop, I could park anywhere as opposed to trying to find parking at the one that I have WiFi access with. I could also have access while stuck at a shipper or receiver, or while parked in their docks for the night
- newer dishes are compatible with DirecTV and DishNetwork, adding TV would be a cinch

- initial cost: $100/mo. vs. the current $200 per year for WiFi
- ongoing cost: $60/mo vs $200 per year
- if the equipment breaks, i'm S.O.L. after it's out of warranty (15 months)
- the "unknown" variable: i've never used satellite internet, what if it sucks and i'm stuck in a two year contract?
- Nextel (my current cell phone company) will offer nationwide broadband internet service in a matter of year for about $50/mo
- the satellite receiver and transmitters will take up considerable space in what is already rather cramped quarters

Really the main concern is a monetary one. I could find the space in my truck if I really wanted to do it and most of the providers offer 15 day trial periods where you can change your mind if it's not to your satisfaction. If I'm really afarid of the $100 for the first 15 months I could save up for the cost of equipment and purchase it out-right.

If I wasn't such a cheap bastard, this probably wouldn't be such a hard decision.

Does anyone know anyone who has had satellite internet service? How did they like it?

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