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I was responding to a journal entry mandy_moon made today about how pop culture works in cycles, especially the nostalgia factor. Like how in the 80's yuppies couldn't get enough movies about 60's counterculture and Vietnam war movies. Or baby-boomer angst like Thirtysomething and The Big Chill. I got to thinking, you know, my generation has already had their Thirtysomething, it was just funnier and was called Friends, but we haven't had our Big Chill... come to think of, it will probably not be as "serious" as the baby-boomer version either, but I'm sure it will still deal with Gen-X specific issues, just probably a lot more self-deprecating and sarcastic... I think the characters will look something like this...

Lori Lori made millions in the dot com boom of the late 90's. She wisely saw the writing on the wall and sold her dot com ventures early in the game and now lives off the income from her investments in money market funds and real estate. She dabbles in day-trading and is completing her degree in economics on-line just for the hell of it. She owns a nice house in the suburbs where she lives with her two children from ex-husband Martin.

Martin Martin met Lori in college at one of the campus coffee shops. He came in earnest for the poetry readings and she came for the psuedo-intellecutal street cred. Their marriage after college rapidly deteriorated as their sensibilities grew further apart; he clinging to his zealous liberal ideology and she migrating to a more conservative political frame of mind with her increasing income and the addition of children. Martin worked on his Ph.D. in cultural anthropolgy and worked part time as a barista while Lori's dot com business took off. They were divorced within one year of him finishing his doctoral program. He teaches cultural anthropology at the University where the entire "gang" did their undergraduate study.

Amanda Amanda made a shit-load of money stripping and "modelling" for internet sites but blew it all on X, glowsticks, and power-drinks at raves and dance clubs every weekend. She dropped out of college her sophomore year and never returned. She works as a bartender at the Ramada Inn lounge by the airport and rents a room from Martin. Her unsuccessful suicide attempt leaves her in a coma and brings everyone together for a weekend in their old college town. Hijinks and deep introspection ensue.

Josh Josh explored various avenues of body modification which now results in a 40 year old body that includes a split tongue, complete torso/to-the-wrist tattoo work, and earlobe holes big enough to pass a cigar through. He is dealing with depression about his job in the backroom of a T-shirt screening company and the fact that no one ever "got" what his band was trying to do musically and artistically.

Craig Craig was in the B&E program with Lori at the University and was offered to be a partner in her early dot com ventures but declined, opting instead to follow Phish around the country for a year after graduation. Bitter about his lost opportunities, Craig manages a few low-rent porn-sites and works for a small firm harvesting e-mail addresses for spammers.

Jen Got her degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management and worked briefly as a hostess for a 4 star restaurant. She met and eventually married her husband Robert, a regular customer and investment banker. She lives the idyllic, suburban house-wife sort of life: stay-at-home mother, white picket fences, 2.5 car garage, etc. She was college rommates with Amanda before Amanda dropped out and kept in touch with her over the years, vicariously revelling in Amanda's wild lifestyle. Robert does not accompany her for the out-of-town trip.

Jimmy Considerably younger boyfriend of Amanda who the group doesn't know very well. Comic device for "generation gap" humor.

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