It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

i have been released

Today was my doctor's appointment to see how I was coming along with this leg. It took a little persuading on my part, but I convinced the doctor that I am ready to drive, just not sure about withstanding the pain I will incurr unloading the cabinets required of me on this account.

So, I got exactly what I hoped for. Permission to drive with a lifting restriction until follow up appointment on July 19th.


So I called my dispatcher and she seems to think they will be able to find enough things on account to keep me busy that won't require me to do any of the heavy lifting normally associated with my job and if not, they'll find me some long haul stuff off account.

However, this weekend is the big reunion shindig for Midnight Sun in Virginia. I spoke with my dispatcher and worked everything out to return to a terminal on June 28th. I figure I've been off from work for ten weeks, what's five more days?

While back east, my mom is going to go visit her cousin (my god mother) in Philadelphia on Sunday/Monday anyway. I got to talking it over with her this morning and we think we're going to work it out to where she definitely goes up on Sunday evening and run me the extra hour or so on up to Allentown where my company has a terminal. I'll be abel to report in first thing Monday morning and get on a waiting list for a truck.

With any luck, I'll be back in a truck by mid-week next week. The down-side is there's a possibility I won't be home on the 4th, which sucks 'cos it also happens to be Lincoln's birthday (my eldest spawn), but as I told my dispatcher, I've been home for ten weeks, if you wanna put me on the road for a month before I get home again, I won't complain in the least.

Although, I would like to get home reasonably soon after getting the truck so I can load up all my personal items and get Fubu. The road's a lot easier when you have creature comforts and the greatest cat in the world along for the ride.

So who wants a ride?!?!?!

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