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he only lies when his lips are moving
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Cardwell, KY

Yup, you read it right. I have reason to start putting the little "Location:" thingie at the beginning of my LJ entries once again. After eleven very LONG weeks, I am back on the road. And I must say, they gave me...





Ain't she pretty? Picked her up last Monday in Allentown, PA and spent most of the week in Ohio tooling around the Toledo area. I'm not exactly thrilled with being in a Peterbilt, I've grown rather accustomed to the Freightliner over the past couple of years but... damn, ain't she pretty. I'm not quite sure I like the way she handles and I definitely don't like the loss of headroom... but. damn she's pretty.

I definitely won't miss that butt-ugly blue truck with the funky decals plastered all over it. Oh yeah, and besides looking great she sounds even better, in everyway. For one, there's the air horns. On the Freightliner Century the air horn is mounted beneath the fiberglass of the body which muted the sound. I have two of these baby's right on the roof - when I yank down on the cord, you know it. The 600hp CAT that's in her sounds mighty sweet, too. And when I lift my foot from the fuel pedal and the jakes are on, people are looking around to see what the hell is making that noise. The tranny is an Eaton-Fuller straight nine top-2, which was the transmission in my Freightliner which I hated. This one seems to be a bit better though, might have something to do with the CAT instead of the Detroit. I had a lot of trouble in the Freightliner with the top 2 wanting to shift smoothly. In this Pete it shifts rather smoothly, now the problem is sometimes it doesn't wanna make the auto shift at all and I have to clutch to get her jump up to ninth. All-in-all, I'd still rather have the Super Ten top-2 that was in the first two trucks I drove. Also, the twin 131 gallon fuel tanks are nice after the teensy 95 gallon tanks on the Century. I can get over 1000 miles under the tires before I gotta worry about feeding her. I also like the passenger side step box for storage and a much roomier side-box. The only real downside I see to working in her is her size. With the long wheel base and shorter turning radius, I can think of several regular places I have to back that are gonna be TOUGH with this monster. It's also tough getting used to those stacks, especially on my sight-side. I've grown accustomed to making the 45-degree backs while looking out the side window at my trailer when I'm in the tight part of manuever. In this Pete, I can't see around the stack.

The real downside though is the creature comfort factor. It's hard to tell in the photo, but this isn't one of the high-rise condo's - the top is just an aero on top of a rather low cap/sleeper. I stand in the sleeper, but the roof is only inches from the top of my head. In the Freightliner I could strecth my arms above my head and still not reach roof. Not only does it make it feel cramped in a very real, physical sense but also in terms of it's diminshed ability to store personal affects. The high-rise sleepers have a lot more vertical space to provide cabinetry and cubby hold space that just doesn't exist in this truck. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm gonna get all my shit and me and a cat in there. It's going to be creative I'm sure.

Did I mention she's pretty?

Anyway, I have lots more to relate concerning the big Midnight Sun reunion but it's getting late. Now that I'm back on the road and have made it home to grab my stuff (namely my computer), yours truly will soon be back in the swing of things with the journaling, especially with the reading. I hate falling behind and I miss reading all your journals, there just hasn't been enough hours in the day as of late. But soon my pretty... and your little dog, too!


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they are nice, but yeah.. the condo is nice.. you'll miss that for sure :)

i've already bumped my head 3-4 times moving between the sleeper and cab in this thing ;-)

i know you've got photos of the inside of your old cab kicking around, can you post the links again? i'm interested in seeing how much room you really did have. i know in my dad's old truck, you couldn't really stand anywhere truly upright. all he ever got to drive were western star's though, as far as i know. he only went on 2-3 day trips though, just stuck in the maritimes, so maybe they didn't give him a full cabin-sleeper. anyhow, good to hear you're back on the road and in the swing of things.

i don't have any really good pictures that shows you the room i had... the quarters were too tight to ever get any good pictures that show the full expanse... but picture this... i could stand anywhere in the cab or sleeper and stick my hands straight above my head and still not touch the roof... in fact, the top bunk was at about the height of my head, you had to climb about 6 feet to crawl onto the top bunk... if i had to guess, i'd say that there was at least 7.5/8 feet between the floor and highest point of the ceiling (it arched from front to back)... probably close to 9 feet in the back where the top bunk was, cos i could sit on the top bunk and still have head room....

Ahhh, sweet, Lin! Those were the trucks I was digging when I went on the road with you. I remember you commenting that "maybe they're owner/operators". Nope. Now they're just Lin! Rock!

Sucks that the sleeper's smaller, though.

Glad you're back on the road. Bet you would have lost your shit if you'd been couped up much longer.

yeah i was surprised when i went out to the truck yard and it was black.... i dunno how that happened... perhaps one of th owner ops was financing through Werner and couldn't keep up his payments or quit or something....

nice, uh, truck you got there.

i'll hafta give ya the grand tour next time i'm in KC :)

Ooooh. She IS pretty. Too bad about the loss of extra space though.

Hey, I just posted some pictures of The Cloisters in my online joinal(long island accent imitation) if you want to take a peek. I think you'll find them amusing. :D

You are a real man!

That's awesome. Almost makes me want to start driving one.

I definitely feel like a big time truck driver now... rawr!

Oooo. Nice truck. Pretty truck.

I am still trying to figure out a time when I can hit the open road with ya. It WILL be before the end of this year. I get excited just thinking about it.

I guess with the smaller cab, though, traveling with two people would be hard, if not impossible. :(

There's less head room, but it won't be any real trouble having a second person. Still have a second bunk, just feels a little more cramped than what I'm used to vertincally. With concern to width and depth, it's pretty much the same.

Just let me know when. :)

very nice....and u like Bratmobile. ***! oh yah!

yeah i love dem girls... got to see them play a few years back when they reunited for the last album...

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