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first dacy, then gene, now jess
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Note to janietrain:

Do you know, like, everybody I ever knew?

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Fucking hilarious, no?

I was telling her about my trip in the truck with "my friend Lin" and BAM. "I know Lin!".

How the hell did you and I never run into each other before?

I dunno, Ive been wondering the same thing. As many mutual acquaintances we have, I'm surprised our paths never crossed before. It's interesting that it took a completely different avenue in the name of the almighty LJ.

no no no..
*I* know everybody you do, hehe..
Cause I know Dacy AND Gene AND Janie... and Aurus, Kramer, Satan, Footpad, Draconis, Balfy, Dejavu, Starfyre (sic? btw she's got an LJ), Wrong Tribe, Igitur, Fatman, Aashi, Zaphod, Rex, The_AM, Potts, and a huge number of other people that I now only remember by their first names, hehehehe. Go figure.

I don't remember Starfyre... I don't think. I tend to remember the people I met in person and remember the first names of people I actually hung out with. But, JEEEZ you got a heck of a memory, you mentioned some names that brought a lot it back, though. Wrong Tribe? Wow, I hadn't thought of him in ages. I think his first name was Severn. I hadn't thought of Footpad either. I used to run into him every now and then around Lexington long after the BBS heyday. A couple you missed: Venom (college buddy of mine, James), Azazel (she married a different college buddy of mine she met by hanging out with James and I)... oh! and Ladyhawke, I can't remember her name though.

And somewhere a long the way I had forgotten what Josh's handle was, and now thanks to you, I now remember it was Igitur.

Man this brings back so many memories, James and I huddled around a green, monochrome computer screen attached to an Epson XT (i think it had a blazing 4.77 megahertz processor in it) connected with a 1200 baud modem. We later got an IBM 286 with a color screen and 2400 baud modem and we thought we really HAD something with that machine.

Ahhh, the days when electronic porn was mainly scans of Playboy photos.

yes, Wrong Tribe's name was Severn.. my first love, hehe, even though I kinda doubt he likes that idea.

And Ladyhawke's name was Joan.

I know all the first names of the people I named, and most of the last names as well. I didn't know Venom or Azazel all that well, she didn't care for me too much anyhow.

Didja notice that all the names, with the exception of a few, were all guys? This isn't JUST because of the demographic. I tended to irritate the gals and I had very little patience for most of them. That's the way it's been, actually. I always ALWAYS get along better with guys, tend to have tons of guy friends, but just a few close girlfriends.

And I had the AMBER monochrome screen with the 1200 baud modem, then 2400 MNP-5. And I bought my 286 from Ratus for something like $150.

Joan! That's it. Scott and I visited her at work one day down in in the old Festival Market on afternoon.

I thought I was your first love! *sniff* I'm hurt. ;-)

Seriously, I don't think I remember that you and Severn were an item. Have you kept in touch, what's he up to?

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