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wifi wifi wifi
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Indianapolis, IN

It's so great to be back on the road and computin' from the truck. I really, really, really need to get caught up on my journal reading, but I just haven't had the time (still don't). I got parked yesterday about 4pm, but I had been driving since 2am, so I was kinda tired. I got caught up on e-mail and set up some downloads then went to bed. Just got up a wihle ago and grabbed a quick shower now I gotta jump back behind the wheel again. Depending on my trip info that comes through later in the day, maybe I can get parked somewhere tonight with a little free time on my hands and internet access. Once I get acught up, I should be able to keep up, just a matter of getting to that point.

But I'm not complaining, I'm just happy to be working again.

I also have a lot of things I want to write about that's happened over the past couple of weeks before they get away from my memory. For the purpose of jogging my memory when I sent down to write something in the near future, here's a quick list to remind myself:

Midnight Sun reunion
Cookies and Condoms
A music adventure for sure
Soul Patch

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So how does this computin from your truck work?

You have a wifi connection.....


You have to be PARKED somewhere near a WIFI hub?

The only places I know of that supply those are places like Starbucks.

Tell me how this works in the Trucking World. Are there lots of WiFi hubs around truck stops, rest stops, road side attractions? If so, are they pay for play or Free?

Also, as far as getting your next trip info, what source do you rely on for that? Once I was at this grand ol truck stop in Northeast, Maryland and they had these little terminals specifically designed for drivers that were looking for loads to haul. You'd enter in your rig info and where you were willing to drive, and out spit some loads available. Have you ever seen those things? I imagine you wouldn't be using them since you are with a company, am I right in guessint that they are more for independent drivers looking for loads to hual, or do company paid drivers use them for info also?

WiFi: the "big three" truckstops all got themselves WiFi-ified in the past year, so access isn't terribly hard to come by. Rates vary, but roughly you can pay as you go in 24 hour blocks for about 5 dollars or you can buy unlimited monthly access for about $25 and they even have yearly plans in the $150-$250 range. I've been enjoying my year's worth of access through Flying J for the past year. Tomorrow it ends. I really don't have the cash to sign up another full year due to being off with the broken leg for so long, so I'll probably do it on a monthly basis for a little while.

Of course, one of the little joys in life is being stuck somewhere and finding a wide-open WiFi connection in an industrial/commercial park or something. I know of a few of those that I've come across, but it doesn't happen very often.

Load Data boards: yeah they're primarily for O/O's looking for shag runs so they don't have to deadhead to their next real trip... my trip info comes to me via an onboard satellite computer called Qualcomm. My dispatchers assign it to me, I don't have an incredible amount of choice in the matter. I can make some simple requests and they're usually honored (I wanna go to New York, I wanna go to the West Coast) but outside of that, they have logisitcal demands to meet and I'm one of 8,000 drivers in my company they have to utilize to get the job done :)

we got a big ol convoy

Awesome, thanks, I am still thoroughly fascinated. I'm like a kid in a candy store with all of this new truckin' info. Sometime on down the line I'm going to ask you to point me in the right direction for a translator for trucker lingo....you know things like "put the hammer down" (what the heck is a hammer?) and well smokie I know means cop, but I want to learn ALL the lingo, or well just know what it means when a trucker comes over the air and says "breaker breaker one-nine" (why does he say one-nine? is he breaking through to channels one through nine?) Is there a short cut to learnin that stuff, i.e. someone who's compiled it? Maybe online so you don't have to explain it all to me?

If you know of any other good Truckin Movies other than:
Smokie and the Bandits
Smokie and the Bandits II

let me know because as you can tell I'm an official junkie for anything and everything big rig related.

Like I said I could go on and on, but I won't.

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