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Fubu and I are having some difficulty getting used to our new environment. She spends most of the day sleeping under the covers in the back while I work and only comes out at night, I have spilled and knocked over just about everything there is to spill or knock over. About five minutes ago, we collaborated in the grandaddy of all mishaps thus far. After swearing and raving, I began chuckling because, after all, it was rather comical. It was like the game Mousetrap where one action begets another action. Or better yet, Wile E. Coyote's elaborate contraptions to catch his prey since the end result was disaster.

Fubu seems to be testing her leaping spots so she's more sure of foot when moving around the cab and sleeper when it's in motion. Now that we're parked, it's a perfect opportunity for her to check out her new surroundings. She will leap from the bunk to the back of one of the seats, then from that seat-back to the other. She looks up above the dash for her old cubby hold, but alas, this truck does not have one. For some reason she's most comfrotable sleeping in high places, no doubt some genetic legacy of tigers I think. She's always been like this. in the house I used to live she would make her way to the top of a book shelf and sleep there. In the previous truck, she liked her cubby hold and on occasion, the top bunk if I left it down. The top bunk in this truck is confusing her, because it folds up differently. The way this one folds up, there's actually space that can be utilized for storage or a snoozing feline. So she's been making leaps from the bunk to the backs of the seats, then studying this perch, trying to figure out how she's going to get up there, then giving up and starting the process over again.

This last time though, she caught her hind leg in the cord to my track ball snaking down from the computer box in the cabinet, She made it to the back of the seat, but the trackball went flying behind her, knocking the ball loose. The ball proceeded to bounce off the back of the seat and underneath the chair I'm sitting in. I didn't see exactly where the ball had rolled to, so I stood up to look underneath the chair, knocking over my soda can which is reasting on the bunk frame. Cola poured out of the can and ran underneath the mattress and soaked the side of the bed sheet. In my effort to grab the towel that was underneath my chair, I upset the chair, which also upset my ashtray, sending ashes and cigarette butts flurrying around for a few seconds. Of course, Fubu looked down from her perch atop the back of the seat at me like I was an idiot.

You may have noticed I haven't been providing as many pictures as of late and there's a very good reason for this. A few weeks ago, while healing my busted leg, my digital camera was ruined when it got left in the pocket of some pants I was wearing and washed. So now I'm in the market for a new digital camera and fast - I've become rather addicted to having one at my dispoal on the road. I take pictures of everything. I've been shopping around at eBay and other places, hoping to find a deal, cheapskate that I am.

Sometihing that many of you may not know about me is that I am an avid pro tennis fan, particularly of women's tennis. I few months ago I first became aware of Maria Sharapova while leafing through Tennis magazine while in the waiting room at my orthopedist. This was before the French Open and she was ranked somewhere down in the high 20's. Last Friday night I got in off the road around 2am and I set up an alarm clock for the sole purpose of getting up at 9am to watch the women's final at Wimbledon - especially because Maria Sharapova was facing Serena. While it was apparent that Serena is still not playing at 100% (and subject to conjecture as to whether this is a truly physical reason), Sharapova's game was gutsy and inspiring. It's fun to watch the younger players sometimes because they don't always play "safe", they're apt to take risks and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Like the first time Sharapova attempted a lob when Serena approached the net and it went flying out the back end out of bounds, but the second time she did it, it was beautiful. Or in the second match when she was up two games and was serving for game point. She faulted the first attempt and I was thinking to myself, I bet she tries to ace the second serve. And she did, but she ended up double faulting. But what mattered to me as a fan of the sport was watching this chutspah with which kid face down a woman who has dominated this posrt for the past 3 years and who is arguably one of the finest female tennis players ever. While she was not flawless in here execution she was certainly fearless. Strong second serves, lobs, and slugging it at away at the base line against like the champion she proved herself to be. I was so happy she won.

To continue about tennis and particularly, Serena, something funny occured to me. Let me preface this by saying that I doubt this is the case and that I've always found Serena to be a very classy and gracious competitor, both in victory and defeat. But I began wondering what was going through her head. Then I thought of Dave Chapelle and his "Keeping It Real" sketches. If you've never seen these, it basically sets up a situation where someone has a choice to be civilized in a particular situation or get all getto and "keep it real". And I began thinking what if Serena had one of these moments. I was imagining getto-fied Serena thoughts like "Who does this scrawny white bitch think she is?"

Well it amused me. I think in September I'm going to try and attend some of the U.S. Open in NYC if tickets aren't terribly pricey. I think that'd be a blast. Now I'm gonna do some camera hunting.

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