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I did it, sorta. I did some hellacious journal reading for the past three or four days and proclaim myself somewhat caught up. As close as I'm gonna get anyway.

I don't know why I obsess about this. I think it's because I like it when I know people are reading my journal AND I also feel guilty if I think people are reading my journal and I don't have the time to read theirs. It's like, how can I expect someone to read my journal if I don't read theirs?

I've never been a huge fan of Natalie Merchant, but I stumbled across an old 10,000 Maniacs record of mine and the following lyric about an unwanted pregnancy stunned me:

Dream child in my head is a nightmare born in a borrowed bed

Finally saw Gangs of New York last night. Martin Scorcese films seldom disappoint and this was no exception. What I always find interesting about his films is that he is so unafraid to be realistic and true with imagery. And his choice of topics are usually so raw, violent, and decadent. Then you see him in a telelvision interview and he's the most mild-mannered and nice guy as you can imagine. I know I'm like the last guy to not have seen this film, but for the record - everything that has been said about it is true: great set and costume, Daniel Day Lewis' acting is from some astral plane, and Leonardo DiCaprio is always fabulous in just about anything he's ever done. I had a hard time believing Cameron Diaz in her role, probably the film's largest flaw.

U.S. Open tickets are about 60 bucks through Ticketmaster for the first week - not bad at all. I think this will be a definite possibility. If anyone out there has the time and money the last weekend of August to spend about ten days on the road and wants to go check out the U.S. Open in NYC, gimme a holla.

My dad finally got around to setting up my stereo in his den this weekend. I had offered it to him ages ago since it was just sitting unsed anyway. So now it's up and I have access to my turntable again! Woohoo. Listened to some of my Les McCann records yesterday. Speaking of vinyl the new Beastie Boys record, released on vinyl as a double LP gatefold - will be my next vinyl acquisition. I've located it online for $26 - not bad considering, as near as I can tell, it was only released officially in the UK on vinyl. Also not bad, since, most places list it at over $30. As soon as my first paycheck clears the bank, I'll be ordering that sucker.

I have a conundrum when considering what to do about a digital camera. I've found a used Kodak with optical zoom and some other bells and whistles for about $130. Meanwhile, the truckstop in Seymour where I bought my last digital camera still has them instock for $120. So, basically, I could get a much better, but used camera for only about 10 bucks more in "real" money, however, with my loyalty points at this particular truck stop, I would knock $75 off the price of that camera and only give about 50 bucks for it. I need to make up my mind and get on with it, cos I need a camera. There's already been several instances in the past couple of weeks on the road where I wish I had had one. At the moment, I 'm leaning toward getting the truckstop camera and then just continuing to shop for a real deal on a nicer one. I dunno, I guess I'll make up my mind by tonight as I 'm driving back through Seymour.

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