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i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Indianapolis

I've been sitting here since 5am - I don't have to be anywhere until 9am in the morning and I'm only three hours from there (Ferdinand). I've been basically goofing off and reading journals for the past 7 hours or so. I think in a bit, I'm gonna head on to Ferdinand with a detour through Martinsville, Indiana. There are two reasons why I aim to do this:

1) There's a really cool pawn shop that has loads of used CD's and vinyl records on their shelves. Last time I was there they had an X-clan CD I wanted to get put put it off because they were getting ready to close and I didn't wanna be one of those customers. But I imagine it's still there so I think I'm gonna stop in and get it. This IS protected by the red, the black, and the green... with they KEY.... SISSIES!

2) Probably more importantly, there is a mother fuckin' Mr. Gatti's right across the street from the pawn shop! Not a "Gatti Town" but the old-style Gatti's with the wood block tables coated in about three inches of clear plastic, the straight-back wicker charis and a projection TV screen in the corner.

Any of you Lexington children of the 70's and 80's know what I'm talkin' about.

Aww yeah, I'm gonna chow.

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There used to be a Gatti's almost directly behind where the Gatti Town is, on Wilhite behind the Red Roof Inn, the building is still there, but there's some dentist/doctor/insurance office in there now... as a matter of fact, I think there may have even been a Lex BBS get-together there one time ... the two I remember attending were at that Gatti's on Wilhite and the Godfather's pizza that used to be on Richmond Road in Idle Hour plaza....

I had a few meals in the one on Limestone, too... but the one on Wilhite off Nicholasville Road is the one I remember best... back in the day when the water slide and the skate-park was back there...

Oh YEAH! I remember there was a Gatti's on Richmond Road where that Godfather's used to be?? That was my *first ever* BBS party. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a Godfather's at that point. And yeah I remember going to one on Wilhite too... jeeze. How could I forget that? Those were the DAYS, man, when people kept telling me to relax and enjoy my youth cause being grown up was gonna suck much worse than being 14.
While I'm not totally convinced they were right, I'm becoming more convinced that I need to relax and enjoy more before I'm back to wearing diapers and drooling, eh?

Life's too short to worry about it too much... ;-) what was it John Lennon said? life's what happens while you're busy making plans

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