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light and fluffy
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Effingham, IL

The pawn shop was closed by the time I got to Martinsville last night, however, the Gatti's pizza was muy delicioso. Jeopardy was on TV and, you know what? They changed their rules so that you don't have to leave after winning five straight days, you stay on until you get beaten. There's this dude on there who is on his 29th day! He's got almost a million dollars in winnings, like, $975,000. And this guy is unbelieveable... he obviously got to choose first to start the game, so he picked the first question in the first category. The dude RAN the first category, then started with the second category and ran it too! The final score of the game, the dude had like $52,000 and his two competitors had like, less than $1,000 between them. It was something to behold. If you get a chance to watch Jeopardy tonight, you oughta.

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And best wishes: Apparently not one... not two... but THREE of my lj friends have birthdays today. Happy birthday to kristinkay, esquemeauxpi and brooke3rdstreet. And... two of them live in NC and two of them have ties to Kentucky. Coinky-dinky, no?

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I ran the comic strip category, even though it wasn't all "comic strips".

Oooh. That's my fantasy boyfriend. Ken Jennings. He's hot in that $900,000.00 sort of way. Lisp and all.

$900,000 is a lot of bread... hell, i'd fuck him ;-)

oh man, mr gatti's.

there used to be one right near the uk hospital, I went there once and had 27 1/2 slices (the kernel printed coupons that day).

that place eventually went out of business.


Re: oh man, mr gatti's.

Yer LJ login still wonky?

The most I ever remember eating was 19 slices... but I may have eaten more sometime and just not kept count. I ate a ton it the other night though... At least in the neighborhood of 15 slices... I know I made 4 trips to the bar with a minimum of 4 slices per trip, sometimes 5 ;-)

You were getting network reception in Effingham?? Rock!

so much has changed since you were out here with me... in just three short months the TA truckstops have all been wifi-ified... it's to the point now that, just about every major truckstop offers some sort of wifi access... and if one doesn't, there's one across the street that does.... i'll never be without internet again! ;-)

Oh, wait, I should, like, read first. You were watching w/pizza. Gotcha.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! That is a weird coincidence...

Yeah, I have been watching the Jeopardy! dude for most of the 30 days he has been on.

Over a million, now. I'd do him, too.

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