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huh huh huh... you said cock smoker
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
This is an honest-to-God chain of discount cigarette retailers in Louisville, Kentucky. You can check out the full website here if you don't believe me.

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I laughed when I saw that the first time :)

I was driving down Bardstown Road in Louisville a couple of weeks ago when I saw it. Today I was thinking about how much I wished I had had my camera that day, then I thought, I wonder if I can find them online?

I'm like you... when I passed it on the road, I just started giggling.

Not as good as "Gay Johnson's truckstop" but close

hahaha... it'd be better if it was Big Gay Johnson's truckstop....

I was wondering about this the other day and I'm curious... It's pretty obvious that the trucking industry is a very red-blooded American male sort of industry... Is there a codified lingo amonst gay truckers to communicate their orientation in this sort of environent? And along those lines, outside of porn shops, are there particular gay-friendly stops around the country? Sorry for the curiosity, while gay culture is certainly more "out" in mainstream America these days, I guess my thinking is that in trucking culture, what exists must be a fairly well-guarded subculture... and subculture fascinates me.

I found afew with rainbows and such on their trucks.. Otherwise I have good gaydar ;) At some truckstops guys would walk up to me and ask if I wanted to play (non truckers). that was always nice.. If I saw someone cute, I'd give them a lookover and sometimes they'd look back ;)

Alot of the truckstop porn shops actually have a good gay section. One in TN across from a truckstop with amusement park and "as seen on tv store" had great cheep gay porn. hrm.. I'll have to look up the name of the place..

Also, the old "BJ 23" on the CB at busier truckstops.. I've met acouple that way.. :)

Heh, a rainbow. I guess it stands to reason that even some of the more obvious indicators would be completely lost on a most of the good ol' boys out here. I have horrible gay-dar... then again I have no reason to hone it 'cos I couldn't give a shit one way or the other :).

its good if ya ever need a quick blowjob tho ;)

I got alot of offers that just wanted to do that.. it was a rough life ;)

That's one thing I envy about gay men... since men are a buncha lecherous sex hounds anyway... the good ol' no-strings hook up probably happens much more often in the gay world than in the straight world....

If only women were more slutty ;-)

Guys "worked" for free. girls ya had to pay for.. :)

A BJ is a BJ, one trucker told me at a truckstop ;)

Da ha ha.

Thanks for knowing about that. Very few people appreciate Cox's Smoker's Outlet when I bring it up. Especially people who have never seen the sign. Thanks for the web link. I had no idea it existed.

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