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the wisdom of Carl
Carl: I'm a gonna sit around and download internet porn at 14 kilobytes per second.......Nah I'm just kidding I got a cable modem in there

Carl: I put two and two together there and decided you're pissin' me off!

CarL; Hey did you hear what I ordered?, I'm gonna be fartin' blood over here!

Carl: Meat-man... ever since my son was... never born, because I've never had consensual sex without money involved... I've always kind of looked at you as... a thing, that I could live next to... in accordance with state laws.

Tuesday, Volume 2 of ATHF are being released on DVD. \m/.

I really should make me a Carl icon.

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I don't need no instructions to know how to rock.

I lost my Meatwad icon! I need to go find a new one!

Yeah.. well.. I noticed this long cord comin' from my house, then I noticed your house glowin' like the freakin' SUN! So I put two and two together and decided ... you're pissin' me off!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force, ya ninny.

I knew there was something special about you. And I'm not just saying that because you're a whore.

...But you ARE a total whore.

I will be at the store Tuesday morning, money in hand.

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