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famous like Meadowlark Lemon

It ain't pretty being easy...
29 January 1970
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like to smoke, swear, gamble, have sex, and drink concurrently, consecutively or independently, but not obsessively, compulsively or recklessly. I think "Runaway" is the most perfect rock song ever written (I'm a'walking in the rain, tears are falling and I feel the pain). I think leaving a music club drenched in spit, beer, and sweat is better than smoking, swearing, gambling, drinking or having sex. I like the words "beguiling", "feign" and "honky", but seldom have occasion to use them in a sentence. My favorite Beastie Boy is the King Ad Rock. I think "Little Deuce Coupe" is the second greatest rock song ever written (She's got a competition clutch with a four on the floor.) Christian Slater does a bad Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn does a better Robert De Niro, and Gary Oldman is in a class all by himself. I'm bad, I'm nationwide. I hate being forced to watch sappy, sentimental made-for-TV movies but cry when I do. Music often can make me cry (one song almost always does). I absolutely, positively adore women. The are no moral dilemmas, only immoral opportunities. I haven't much time or use for mean people, violent people, and stupid people (and I usually find that the latter is a prerequisite for the formers.) Subversion is not only fun, it's necessary. If I can't fix it with a hammer and duct tape - it's broke. I wish the world was a cartoon. I want a Corvette. Real problems have no solutions. If there is no solution, there is no problem. I am a punk, but you might not think it. I'm kind of like a superhero, just with no powers or motivation. I am cooler than you and your favorite band sucks.

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